Bonnet Plume watershed (Photo: J. Meikle, YTG)
Aberdeen Canyon (Photo: J. Meikle, YTG)
The Planning Region

The Peel watershed planning region encompasses approximately 67,000 km2 of the Taiga Cordillera and Taiga Plains ecozones. Ecoregions within the planning region, include the Mackenzie Mountains, Peel Plateau, Fort McPherson Plain, North Ogilvie Mountains, British-Richardson Mountains and Eagle Plains.

There are no permanent communities within the planning region. The majority of the land is Crown owned. The planning region incorporates portions of four First Nations traditional territories. Communities with direct interests in the region include Mayo, Fort McPherson, Dawson and Old Crow. The Tetlit Gwich'in are the largest private landowners in the planning region, while the Na-cho Nyak Dun and the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in also have private lands. The remainder, the majority of the land, is Crown owned.

The Peel watershed, a major sub-basin of the Mackenzie River, generally forms the planning region boundary. The northern portion, or lower drainage, of the watershed is in the Gwich'in Settlement Area of the Northwest Territories, which is outside of this planning region. Major tributaries of the Peel River, include the Snake, Bonnet Plume, Wind, Hart, Ogilvie and Blackstone Rivers. Currently there are no protected areas in the planning region.

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