First Nations consultation in progress (Photo: PWPC)
NND Elder Jimmy Johnny points out areas of interest at the stakeholder consultation (Photo: PWPC)
Gerald Isaac (YLUPC) listens to Gwichi'n elder Walter Alexie (Photo: Jimmy Johnny)
Side discussions at the First Nations consultation (Photo: Jimmy Johnny)
Stakeholders consultation in progress (Photo: PWPC)
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Scenario Options Report and related events - February, 2009

The Peel Watershed Planning Commission was very pleased to receive a large amount of public input in response to the Scenario Options phase of its planning process. Hundreds of letters and emails were received by the February 28th deadline. All input (letters, emails, and comments at open-house meetings) were collected and archived.

Below are links to summaries or actual copies of input received by the Commission during its recent public consultations, and additional commentary will follow when available. Many thanks to all those who attended workshops, wrote letters, or filled out questionnaires. We look forward to further public engagement during our Draft Plan review stage commencing in mid April.

Below are links to input that was received after the February 28th deadline.

Participants at the Fort McPherson Scenarios open house (Photo: R. Whiten, PWPC)

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