Jamming meets planning in Old Crow: an open-house at the Old Crow hall features live music (forground) and Draft Plan posters (background) (Photo: PWPC)
About 150 people attended the Whitehorse Draft Plan open house on April 27th. (Photo: PWPC)
There was a good attendance at the Draft Plan open house in Mayo on April 20th... (Photo: PWPC)
...and at the Draft Plan consultation with the Tr'ondek Hwech'in in Dawson City on April 21st (Photo: PWPC)
A member of the public, a commissioner (Peter Kaye), and a planner (Nadele Flynn), discuss the Draft Plan in Ft McPherson (Photo: PWPC)
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Draft Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan and related events - April - August, 2009

The Peel Watershed Planning Commission is pleased to be receiving a large amount of feedback to the Draft Plan phase of its planning process. All public input (letters, emails, and comments at open-house meetings) have been collected and are being archived and catalogued.

Below are links to summaries or actual copies of input received by the Commission during its recent public consultations. Many thanks to all those who attended workshops, wrote letters, or filled out questionnaires.

Outreach at its best: Reg Whiten hosts a radio show in Ft McPherson (CBQM) with translation help from Ms. Bertha Francis and commentary from Charlie Snowshoe. (Photo: PWPC) The stakeholders group are shown some of the finer points of the Draft Plan. (Photo: PWPC) The Interdepartmental Working Group (IWG), a group of people representing serveral Yukon Government departments, is also shown some of the finer points of the Draft Plan.(Photo: PWPC)

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