First Nations consultation in progress (Photo: PWPC)
NND Elder Jimmy Johnny points out areas of interest at the stakeholder consultation (Photo: PWPC)
Gerald Isaac (YLUPC) listens to Gwichi'n elder Walter Alexie (Photo: Jimmy Johnny)
Side discussions at the First Nations consultation (Photo: Jimmy Johnny)
Stakeholders consultation in progress (Photo: PWPC)
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Conservation Priorities Assessment Report, September, 2008

YCS comments on Resource Assessment Report
Prepared by the Yukon Conservation Society
CPAWS comments on the Conservation Priorities Assessment Report
Prepared by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Yukon Chapter
CPAWS & YCS joint letter to Reg Whiten/PWPC Nov 24, 2008
Prepared by CPAWS-Yukon and YCS
A joint letter from CPAWS and YCS commenting on planning documents and processes.
Tr'ondek Hwech'in comments on the CPAR, RAR, and Planning Principals documents
Prepared by Tr'ondek Hwech'in
TH Comments - CPAR-RA-Principles.pdf79kb
A review of the CPAR, RAR and Planning Principals by the TH.

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